4 benefits from Outing App bring to businesses when organizing team building

Only with the Outing App, the Units were able to solve a lot of problems in terms of personnel, cost and time in Team Building, .. That is also the reason why this application is being applied. popular in Vietnam. Here, let's take a look at 4 unexpected benefits for businesses when using this solution!

1. Outing App helps to shorten 20 times the time to organize Team Building in the traditional way.

In the traditional way to organize Team Building, it takes at least 2 months to prepare ideas until the program is completed. Everything has to follow step by step. So the general invisible is quite cumbersome, complicated and takes a lot of time and resources of the Enterprise. In contrast to the Outing App, the detailed program script is available. Units just need to consult and choose the Format suitable for their corporate culture. As a result, all operations have been reduced by 20 times.

2. Outing App to save maximum budget for Team Building for units.

Again, it's the budget. Have you ever done Team Building but incurred too many costs? That is a common problem in many units. The goal is just that. But in the process of implementation, a lot of money needs to be spent. Especially in units that do not have much experience in doing Team Building.

However, with the Outing App everything is under control. The program scenarios were successfully applied and optimized the required budget. Therefore, "overspending" is very unlikely.

3. Outing App is constantly innovating with a treasure trove of constantly updated scenarios.

On the Outing.vn page, the treasure trove of program scripts is constantly updated and creative every day. The main contributing authors are professional event organizers. More than anyone else, they are rich in extremely interesting and interesting ideas to create attractive programs that attract participants.

In addition, each program has its own unique characteristics that are suitable for the culture of each enterprise. This will be an extremely rich idea store for future Team Building units.

4. There are more technological elements to help the show increase the drama.

The 21st century is the era of technology 4.0. If you join Team Building and can still use your Smart phone to support, what's more interesting!

Outing App was created by a team of Vietnamese experts. Therefore, all instructions are highly "Vietnamese". Each place will be marked on a digitized map, and players will be guided by the cheerleaders on how to use it. After that, you will move on your own to explore on the actual terrain. By connecting GPS and Internet when reaching the station, the topic will be displayed on the phone screen. At this time, the teams need to work together to overcome the challenging and attractive challenges.

Currently, Outing App is also the first Team Building application in Vietnam that has been successfully built on iOS operating system. Details at: https://appstores.co/app/1465920685/outing-vn.