Team building technology, team interaction through images

Outing App technology team building is more developed than covid and post-covid period. This is the comment of many customers as well as large event organizers talking about Outing App. Because of the number of team building programs, outdoor exploration activities organized by our application, there are more than 700 programs, serving tens of thousands of participants throughout Vietnam. When asked more clearly, what do you like about technology team building with Outing? So here are a few reasons that are seen by professional organizers: team interaction through images?

1.Quick results processing

Quick results processing.

With games and challenges that require sending image results, the Outing application has a very fast processing speed. Whether the team is moving in the countryside, in the mountains, or in the middle of the city, there is no need to worry about the condition of mobile waves. With image compression technology, Outing quickly transfers the team image to the referee's locomotive. And from there, the team quickly got bonus points for the game station.

2. Save the team moment

Save the team image moments in the most natural way.

Many challenging stations, the author asks your team to take check-in photos with the scenery and objects at that station. This, the organizers want that you are moving together, the team is always together. When the journey to find the station ends, the check-in space opens, you express a very natural emotional state. Some camera angles laugh, sweat, smiles or a little mischievous... Save that moment to send to the referee.

3. Promote more creative thinking with images in technology team building:

In addition to the photo requirements to check-in the team's face with the landscape, there are creative challenges with images. Take a photo so that your team is catching the setting sun. Take a photo with 3 members sitting in 1 shoe. Take a photo with each person's own shadow in the sun... Or ask your team to set up towers and model shapes to take pictures.

These challenges don't require team building props, but still require a lot of creativity to get the expected results. So, with the Outing app, you have a borderless creative tool in your hand.

4. Use all images and videos from the team's app, right after the end of the program:

When you return to your destination, when you sit down together to summarize the program, it is time to look back on the past journey. On that journey is saved by memorable images, events, emotions. Fortunately, Outing always saves all images and videos sent by the team to BTC. By understanding customer needs, Outing has developed the feature to save and view photos instantly. Outing responds instantly to organizers with images ready to show.

The summaries of the team, the MC and the company's leadership that are illustrated by the team's own image, the meaning and value conveyed will increase many times. Thus, the Outing app brings value to the customer team and to the organizer in many different ways. With features about images, supporting organizers and motivating teams to create images, Outing wants you to have a successful and emotional program.