Plan to organize team building

Team building plans play an important role, determining the success of any program. Today there are many forms of team building organization and each program has a different nature, scope, purpose and role.

So, to have a feasible plan and team building with high results, you need to ensure the following factors:

1.Choose a time to organize.

Team building is often organized with picnics, travel programs, short trips of the company. Note if you intend to organize on weekends (Friday to Sunday) or holidays, Tet, the price of accommodation services, air tickets ... will be higher than usual. Depending on the nature of the company and the amount of work, arrange the time of the organization accordingly on weekdays or weekends.

2.Where is the venue for team building usually.

If the program is held in enclosed spaces it is not affected by the elements. However, if the organization is outdoors, on the beach or in a tourist area, it is advisable to know the weather and climate characteristics of the area.

In addition, determining the venue for team building in closed spaces, outdoors or on the beach plays an important role in brainstorming ideas and organizing team building games. Especially the games with flexibility are suitable for outdoor organization. Rivers, lakes, and sandy beaches are ideal locations for water-related games.

3.Creative ideas for team building.

Finding a meaningful slogan depends on the company's program theme. The skills the company wants its employees to learn or hone through games. What message do you want to send after finishing?

After understanding the program's slogan, find an organization idea for the team to best express the message and meaning of the program. Designing a team building schedule program according to the concept can generate many expenses such as costumes, game props. However, the effect in terms of impression, imprint and especially communication effect is much greater than that of an ordinary program.

4.How to organize a team building game.

To organize a team building game, it is necessary to have a detailed game script. In terms of duration, the games usually last from 50-120 minutes to ensure suitable for most participants' fitness.

The basic team building game scenario has 5 main playing stations:

5.Internal communications.

The ultimate goal of any team building program is engagement. Therefore, do your best to organize internal communication activities so that 100% of the company's employees are willing to participate. For online communication plans, it is advisable to create work headings and keep up to date with the latest information about the program and keep everyone informed. Today will introduce the team building t-shirt and tomorrow is the check-in scene and the day after tomorrow will be valuable prizes for the winning team.

6.Make a list of participating members.

Creating a detailed attendee list will help you design the right team building game and facilitate the reservation of standard, streamlined, and budget-friendly services. Not only interested in the number of people registered, but also in the number of male and female members and whether there are relatives accompanying them or not. To book airline tickets, hotel rooms and restaurants.

7.Pre-order services.

8.Create a schedule.

Each team building program will have a different time depending on the travel time. However, a well-designed schedule helps to experience as many activities as possible without feeling overwhelmed.

Team building time should be in the early morning or cool afternoon. This is a time that does not affect other activities in the program such as gala party, seminar or training.... In addition, the weather during these two periods is very pleasant and does not affect people's health.

Gala night will be held on the last day before the end of the program. This is a meaningful evening, which will summarize the program's activities. After experiencing activities together, the members will be more open and sociable with each other. Therefore, gala night is the time when they connect and share with each other.

This is the most unforgettable moment in the team building program.