Use QR codes and technology applications to provide tourist information.

We start this article from travel recipes and smartphones. With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile waves, widespread wifi has opened up more opportunities to connect tourist information. That's why today's tourists easily access tourist information from many channels. Tour guides provide a person-to-person connection. And now it is supported by technology to help customers experience a more complete newness in destinations.

On every traveler's smartphone, nowadays it's easy to get a QR code scanning app. You can use the scanning feature available on Iphone or part of Zalo, Facebook. In addition, the behavior of scanning QR codes has also become more common. In Vietnam, it is promoting strong digital transformation from the Government down to localities and businesses. During campaigns to prevent the spread of COVID-19, medical declaration QR codes appeared everywhere.

1.Benefits of QR Code solution.

So with the above two ideas, we want to say that tourists in Vietnam have many favorable conditions to access the solution of scanning QR codes for tourist information. And now let's see in reality which localities are implementing this solution:

In addition, there are some more localities, attractions or museums that we have not mentioned in this article.

As above, you have seen the benefits of a QR code solution for tourism that provide more information and are easy to deploy on-site printing.

2.The limitations of QR Code solution.

But a question arises, why only a few places implement this solution. It seems that this is not commensurate with Vietnam's tourism resources. Because this QR code scanning solution also has limitations such as:

Outing Trip is a professional mobile application for travel needs. The Outing Trip application has the same goal as the QR code printing solution, which is to provide tourist information at the right place. In addition to the QR code scanning feature, Outing Trip uses GPS positioning technology. Accordingly, when visitors install the application, there is no need to search and scan the QR code anymore, but Outing Trip will send an introduction via notification. When tourists move, GPS will locate them to know they have entered the information area, from here the application signals for visitors to use.

This solution is convenient for visitors to use many different modes such as walking, traveling by car, train or even traveling by water. Thus, along with the QR code for tourism, the Outing Trip app is becoming an electronic narrator solution for many attractive destinations. At this point, you have envisioned the superiority of the Outing Trip application compared to the QR code printing solution.

In addition to the core and superior features of the QR code, Outing Trip also owns many professional features for the organizers and managers such as: separate accounts, customizable interface according to brand colors, update information information every time there is a change, sending online notifications to visitors, accurately managing the number of users using... these features invite you to continue to learn in the next articles.