The new way of team building tourism

The need to go out for travel, activities, and interaction between people is increasing after a long time of isolation because of the pandemic.

However, to ensure safety, many people choose to minimize meeting, crowd gathering or direct contact when traveling, team building activities. This challenges Vietnamese businesses to find other ways to recover and develop tourism products in the new era.

Like Korea's Running Man, the journey team building program has a format that dates back to the scouting movement in Europe in 1907. According to the Scout method, participants will focus on outdoor activities, including camping, jungle life skills, water games, hiking and sports games.

Team building journey began to be introduced to Vietnam in the late 2000s, along with a series of other skill development team building games. Along with the development of science and technology, digital technology is also applied to many different industries and fields, including tourism products.

The idea of ​​​​putting digital technology into team building tourism products

About 15 years ago, Mr. Nguyen Ba Tung (39 years old) - Creative Director of An Phu Thang Long Co., Ltd. - ANCORIC was a famous team building trainer in Hanoi. In 2009, his group was invited by Vietnam Television Station to write a script for the program "Hanoi 36 streets and streets", broadcast on VTV3 channel to celebrate 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Realizing the importance and development potential of team building tourism in the era of industrialization and modernization, in 2018, his company started to implement the idea of ​​integrating technology elements into team building products. journey, starting with a game of decryption of ciphers.

The script to decrypt the message is very familiar. Players use the allotted time to decipher the message according to the hint, find the next points of the journey and complete the mission. However, the difference is using smartphones as a tool for team interaction and connection.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Tung said, "In 2018, we ran a trial version of the program at a farm in Dong Anh (Hanoi) with the ambition that the organizers would only appear once to distribute secret messages, the rest players will find a way to bring each other to the finish line.The exchange of information is done by phone, zalo, scan QR code... to read hints, guide to the next point.After the test, we program evaluation is very good, feasible and can be built into a mobile application (App)".

Visitors enjoy the experience of applying digital technology to team building activities, journeys and tourism

Launched in 2018, App Outing of ANCORIC is not the first application to support team building in Vietnam. Previously, on the market, there were Go Team applications from the UK and Pro Team from a Vietnamese company, but they were not really popular with the public.

Although behind, the Outing application has quickly become known to users and travel agencies, achieving certain achievements in the industry. Mr. Tung added, "Currently, according to market share and user ability, the number of authors producing team building scripts on Outing is taking the No. 1 position in Vietnam. The application currently has 922 scenarios for users to choose from. select.

Scenarios can be available or created by travel agencies, team building companies, creative young people who register for an account and create themselves. We have a huge library of games, full manuals for users to freely choose and create scenarios."

Up to now, the team building scenarios of the App's journey have been built in many provinces and cities across the country, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Ninh Binh, Lao Cai, Quang Ninh... Many businesses and travel companies calendar, team building has applied this modern technology application to outdoor activities, events, tours. Among them, there are big companies from North to South such as Dat Viet Tour, Vietravel, Canh Cung, Van Dac Phuc, Pys travel...

Leveraging the strengths of digital transformation in tourism

The strength of integrating the team building application is saving human resources compared to normal team building activities. Instead of needing a large team of guides and employees of travel companies to directly organize and run the program, the organizers can use the App to pin the location and put up the rules of the game. The warehouse of games and activities is diverse and rich, suitable for each destination, terrain and number of players involved.

"In the first year, we invested in upgrading the application regularly, about once every 3 months, integrating new features to make the user experience more enjoyable. At the same time, we continuously held promotions. , price support for travel agencies, team building, creating a special competitive advantage In addition, we also have online and offline training programs, invite guides, KOLs, young people creative people to tourist areas to try out the application experience "- Mr. Tung shared.

In particular, according to him, the company's advantage is building scripts. Not only are the interactive games, the journey team building scenarios produced by Vietnamese people also bring players to explore other destinations from provinces and cities across the country. At each place, participants as well as visitors can learn more information about the history, meaning and value of the destination thanks to the application's features.

Not only supporting travel agencies, event organizers, the application also helps connect players, tourists with locals and destinations through in-game challenges. The team building journey scenarios combined with the application's features help introduce many interesting and attractive places of Vietnam to visitors quickly and conveniently.

Tran Trung Quan - General Director of Dang Ong Viet Media and Events Joint Stock Company (Beevent) said that his business has used Outing App, Kahoot and Go Team applications in organizing events and activities. Team building activities since 2018, and used a lot from mid-2021 until now.

"The most obvious advantage from the applications is to help businesses that are oriented to digital transformation to have more access to new technologies and new forms, not just pure team building. In addition, the This software and application easily provides more information and reality to customers at each tourist destination and event," said Mr. Tran Trung Quan.

However, according to Mr. Quan, the application of technology to tourism and team building products also encounters some limitations such as network connectivity. In mountainous and highland areas, the Internet is less stable, affecting the user experience. Meanwhile, customers who are not sensitive to technology will have difficulty accessing and using this travel product.

However, like many other travel and event companies, his business still boldly uses digital applications and software in tourism products and team building. Because, most customers are in good rhythm after being guided enthusiastically, and at the same time, they are interested in the benefits of digital technology applications in events and team building activities.

Not stopping there, in the future, young Vietnamese businesses are also ambitious to build more software and systems to apply digital technology to tourism products. Typically, ANCORIC is focusing on implementing a cooperation program to digitize destinations in provinces and cities across the country, interactive tourism applications, electronic presentations, building a destination library...

With the creativity and continuous efforts of individuals and businesses in the industry, the goal of digitizing Vietnam's tourism industry is not far away.

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