Development Team

Welcome to you and your friends!

I'm tungteam, the founder of project!

Why was this Outing project born?

I have more than 12 years of experience in team building and outdoor activities, I love technology and innovative things. I have a knack for researching and creating content. I also come from and start my career from a student volunteer club, so I enjoy working with the community. I think that the experience, capacity and what I have is not for me to shine, but for me to be a Platform to help everyone. So was born!

Nearly 2 years ago, on the occasion of the year-end party of ANCORI company, I made a promise to everyone that I would organize for them a creative team building program that you seem to have never experienced. You know, the people at ANCORIC are very proficient in professional team building, the most experienced staff was 7 years at that time. So what's there to make them feel brand new? From that pressure, I wonder why not use the smartphone itself, technology platforms and applications for this activity? And my knack for creative research came into play. I have organized a team building program through the smartphone screen of the player, successful! Since then, I constantly wonder how can that event be developed into a product? I needed to write an app that would simplify the complex skills I was working on so that anyone could use it. So was born!

The inspiration for a new product is stronger when I see similar applications from abroad. I discussed it with my colleague Phuc and shared a vision: It must be a proud technology product created, designed and made by Vietnamese people to serve Vietnamese and international people. It must be given to anyone who wants to create and author on it. It has to help thousands of brothers doing team building work hard in the sun and rain with technology functions. It must bring benefits to customers through reducing event operation and production costs, by technological functions. We quietly started building this product little by little. So was born!

That's it, Outing was born from enthusiasm, innovative research, technology, from sharing difficulties with customers and partners, and from the spirit of win-win cooperation… We believe in success and greatness. Outing's strength to better serve our customers and partners!

Sincerely cooperate!

Coach Nguyen Ba Tung