With Outing App, integrating corporate culture into team building is no longer difficult

Surely many companies and businesses are bored with normal team building activities. It only brings temporary joy and entertainment, but does not retain the deep values ​​that the management wants employees to receive through activities. And if you want to convey the company's cultural messages and values ​​into the team building program.

The leadership team together with the organizing team also had to do a lot of research to bring the soul into the program naturally, keeping the values ​​and still bringing the most interesting experiences.

With Outing app, we no longer find it too difficult to convey corporate messages and cultural values ​​into it. The author (screenwriter) only needs to receive enough information and content to integrate and convey. Digitize the messages, questions about the Enterprise, those core values ​​in different forms (at the discretion of the author - in agreement with the customer's opinion). 

The above is a suggestion for integrating the company's message and cultural values ​​into the Team building journey applied with the Outing App. Hopefully the above information can help the authors in creating and enriching the script.