Electronic tour guide, designed for travelers who enjoy exploring destinati

Do you notice the phrase mentioned that is both familiar and new: 'Electronic tour guide' or 'digital guide'? Please wait a moment, as we begin this article with a common scenario as follows. When you travel, whether by car, bus, or train, to a new and unfamiliar land, many of you might find yourselves asking: What kind of bridge is this? Which river is that? We are next to a very large lake, where are we? Oh look, there are some beautiful temples, but what temples are these? You keep asking questions in your mind, and the vehicle keeps moving while your curiosity remains. Those who belong to the exploring and researching type will feel unsatisfied with this trip. Indeed, among them, there is a desire to truly understand these landscapes. So, who can assist you, enhancing your understanding in these situations 

Tour guides. It's wonderful when your journey is accompanied by tour guides. You can ask them questions whenever you're curious. Knowledgeable guides are always willing to provide answers. However, you might also encounter some less favorable situations. It could be that the guide is engrossed in an onboard activity, a presentation that hasn't yet addressed your question. Or perhaps the guide lacks the knowledge to answer all your inquiries. 

Secondly, we can utilize Google Search and Google Maps. As you move, the GPS positioning of Google Maps will provide you with specific place names. Through this, you can seek additional information and understanding. To put it simply, it involves a 3-4 step process from locating, noting keywords, searching, and reading articles... Yet, especially when you arrive in a region with a different language, you'll face challenges in information retrieval. With the two methods mentioned for your earlier queries, they somewhat cater to your exploration and learning needs during your journey. However, these solutions come with limitations. And the gaps left by these limitations are filled by the solution of an electronic tour guide, also known as a digital guide. 

What is an electronic tour guide? 

It's a supplementary solution rather than replacing the two points above. Many destinations nowadays have placed printed QR codes with travel information. When you use your smartphone to scan that QR code, you will instantly receive tour guide information on your device. This solution is currently available in Hanoi, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, and more. Alternatively, you can use specialized apps like Outing Trip, which not only features QR code scanning but also GPS positioning and sharing articles for reading/listening. 

"One of the features of Outing Trip is electronic guiding for travelers. Outing Trip is available on both iOS and Android app stores for your convenience. Outing Trip offers a map with pre-located destinations and curated tour content. When a traveler installs the app and moves to a designated location, Outing Trip will send notifications inviting them to read/listen about the destination. Each destination comes with an introduction through text, images, or narrated descriptions that are easy to listen to. The knowledge content is created by a team of travel-loving editors from all across the country. 

Currently, Outing Trip provides its services to customers when they embark on tours organized by travel companies or when they plan independent travel journeys. Depending on the mode of travel, customers receive different BTC and Trip codes for usage. Outing Trip has digitized some of the top famous tourist areas in Vietnam, such as Sapa, Moc Chau, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi, and Ba Be Lake. Outing Trip's short-term goal is to digitize streets and historical-cultural landmarks, contributing to historical education for students.

That's right, as you've seen, each of us often has an inherent desire to seek understanding, explore, and learn about the world outside. Every travel journey is like an amazing course, isn't it? On that journey, having companions like tour guides or narration guide apps can be incredibly helpful.