Top 10 team building games without props

These team building games are used for the purpose of creating experiences that help practice team communication skills. Your and your team's engagement capacities are your senses. It can be closing your eyes to listen or reaching out to feel your teammates' intentions. Because it is a sensory game series, the sophistication and sensitivity of the leader: lecturer / MC team building.


Genre: Sensory game, light movement.

Practice: Accurately perceive your surroundings by hearing and touch.

Education: Mutual support, willingness to help each other and shoulder responsibilities together.

Rules of the game: 2 people blindfolded, from the starting point to 3m away, with a time of 1 minute and when the whistle blows, 2 blind people lead each other to the destination and touch a wall or something in the distance. destination. The pair that touches the object at the destination before the allotted time is counted as the winner.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere to lead into later depth and competition during the game.

Materials: 02 towels to blindfold.

Note: Remember to clean up dangerous items around the playing area, the game administrator reminds the team members to stand in the designated place.


Genre: Sensation game, outdoor strong movement, participants each team about 08 people.

Practice: Accurately assess the environment, be flexible and supportive of each other.

Education: Be agile, understand each other's ideas and support each other in a powerful way.

Game rules: Each row 01 team is a ship. The captain is a genius. Everyone was blindfolded, except for the captain, who put his hands on the shoulders of the former.

From the departure level to the arrival level is 5m, on this distance put some obstacles (the harder the better).

The departure whistle, the trains move, the driver is not allowed to touch his ship, only has the right to give orders: turn right, left, back, forward, etc... Any train that hits an obstacle loses and the train loses. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere, have competition while playing, create solidarity with each other in the team.

Materials: Number of towels corresponding to each team, items as obstacles.

Note: Remember to clean up dangerous objects around the play area, non-sharp obstacles.


The most popular communication skill team building game

Genre: Sensory games, light exercise indoors and outdoors, about 08 participants.

Practice: Correctly recognizing gestures from others.

Education: Support each other, must be agile and understand each other in words and actions.

Rules of the game: Stand in groups and each team send 01 person to MC teambuilding to receive the news, then return to stand 1.5m away from the members of their team and transmit the message with gestures without speaking, nor without speaking. mouth shut. The team that receives the bulletin and follows it first wins.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere to lead into the later settling depth.

Widgets: The widgets of the newsletter.

Note: Do not say words that are difficult to understand and difficult to implement.


Genre: Sensory game, light exercise in the room, about 08 people attended.

Practice: Observing, remembering things.

Education: Using the senses to recognize phenomena.

Rules of the Game: Have participants stand and watch for 3 minutes. Then go 3m away and cover your eyes. There is a signal for each person to go back to the place where the pictures are, find a picture, touch it carefully and say what number it has. Whoever says the wrong thing will be punished.

Purpose: Create a vibrant, flexible atmosphere while playing.

Supplies: Cut cardboard or croquis into 6 or 10 different shapes. Each picture has a number inscribed: from 1-10.

Note: It can be applied to catechesis by cutting out symbols such as doves, sheep, coins... and then writing scriptures (in brief). For example, a picture of a sheep has the phrase: "My sheep hear my voice". Coins: "Give to God what belongs to God, to Caesar's to Caesar".


Genre: sensory games, light movements in the classroom, or circles.

Training: Accurate perception of surroundings and agility.

Education: Incident attaches quick, accurate efforts.

Game rules: Some people make the plane blindfold, spread their arms as wings. Put some objects (corresponding to the number of aircraft) on the table, or in a small circle, as a target for the aircraft to land.

- 5 people sitting scattered fixedly are 5 mountains obstructing the flight path.

- The plane observes the terrain 2 minutes with 5 mountains (3 minutes with 8 mountains).

- Then go out of the room, listen to the whistle, and the planes fly in at the same time: do not hit the mountain, do not collide.

- When flying, mouth shut"...The plane that lands on the target safely (catches 1 object): Wins.

Purpose: Create an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

Materials: Number of towels to blindfold, objects


Genre: Sensory games, outdoor light movement, each team about 08 people.

Training: Accurate environmental awareness


Education: Mutual support and inheritance, shouldering responsibility together.

Rules of the game: The team has an equal number of people, standing equally at the starting line, the captain stands last. All blindfolded, 2 hands on the shoulders of the first, the captain is not blindfolded, but 10m from the starting line, draw a line as the destination. Place some obstacles.

At the start of the whistle, the teams began to move forward, following the captain's orders. The captain gives orders by (without saying) hitting the front person's right shoulder (turning right), hitting the left shoulder (turning left), hitting both shoulders (go straight). One person passes to the other, so that the person in the front row has to turn or go straight. The whole team must not touch the obstacles, the teams must not touch each other. The team that reaches the finish line first wins.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere, unite with each other.

Materials: blindfolds, obstacles.


Genre: Auditory game, light exercise, about 20 participants.

Rules of the game: All scattered in the large yard, each person a scarf to blindfold.

MC TEAMBUILDING blew his whistle while moving slowly to a certain point. Everyone must follow the whistle. Who comes first: Wins.

Purpose: Create an exciting atmosphere, move the squad.

Materials: towels.


Genre: Sensory game, light movement in the room.

Training: accurately identify the surroundings by hearing and touch.

Rules of the game: Stand in a circle. Two blindfolded people stood far away from each other. Each person holds 1 candle, but 1 person holds a burning candle and 1 person holds an unburnt candle.

When hearing the whistle, the two people approached each other to light each other's candles, so that the fire would not go out, but re-ignite the fire. Circle of support by clapping loudly or sparsely depending on the time.

MC teambuilding can invite each team to send 2 people to compete. For every 2 people on each team's door, they can light the candle 3 times. Then, based on the number of times the candle is lit, calculate the order of first, second, third, fourth.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere.

Materials: 2 towels, 2 candles.


Genre: Sensory games, light exercise indoors or outdoors, about 30 participants.

Practice: Accurately perceive the surroundings of the senses.

Education: Recognizing the opponent by the senses.

Rules of the game: 1 blindfolded person stands in the middle. The circle walks and sings. At the end of the lesson, everyone stood in silence. MC teambuilding leads blindfolded people in front of someone. The blindfolded person has the right to ask three questions, but not his name.

Respondents must respond to the question, but may change their voice. The blindfolded person guesses the name, if it is correct, that person will replace the blindfolded person, if it is wrong, he must continue.

It can be changed in many ways, such as letting the blindfolded person touch 2 hands, or 2 feet, and then guess the name.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere to lead to the later settling depth.

Materials: 1 towel.


Genre: Sensory games, light exercise indoors or outdoors.

Practice: Accurately identify phenomena with the senses.

Rules of the game: Stand in a circle. A fortune-teller went away from the circle for a moment.

MC team building for each person to choose a different animal. Then call the fortune teller to observe your position for 1 minute, then cover your eyes and sit in the middle of the circle.

The fortune-teller says the name of an animal (eg chicken) whoever chooses that animal must first imitate the sound of that animal (eg, tickle). The fortune teller will say the person's name.

If true, that person becomes a fortune teller. The game continues. If it's wrong, the fortune-teller says the name of another animal, and guesses who it is.

Purpose: Create a vibrant atmosphere to lead into the later settling depth.

Materials: 1 towel.