Manage company image when organizing team building

We just had a small survey on the internet about team building games that have vulgar, offensive elements… it's worrying because in the past 2 years, team building games have used gender activities. count, 18+… some vulgarity has increased. More disturbing when those images are filmed and shared on many social networking sites. When the content was posted on social networks, there were many streams of comments surrounding it. In which many people objected because of its objection. Typical offensive games such as:

1.Typical objectionable cases.

Not only stopping at the still photo, technology has brought this action to life when the clips are recorded and spread quickly on youtube. Not only that, some media vultures take the data and put very shocking and stimulating headlines such as: "Who wouldn't want to play a game show like this" ... "Eat the forbidden fruit in the middle of the beach" … so that after 2 days the number of viewers was nearly 30,000 times.

Next, sharing sites like ChatVL, Giaitricuoi... are easy for members to comment freely. And from here, the image of you and your company is being made fun of: That red shirt, looks delicious in the chest, The other guy is clamped by those two children, probably hard until the night ... Bowing it to hit the bomb … In particular, there was a confession on a friend's forum: "the mother of the dog MC, he forced his bear to eat apples blindfolded with the guy from the same company. Now what do you guys think, do you let your bears have fun for them every year?"

Collective games, team-building now all take out 18+ topics for cheap entertainment. The host or MC is all teasing about gender issues. Foreigners have much better things to learn, learning these things is not going to make progress, young "advanced".

Why these unwanted team building images happen:

2. The aftermath of a bad image in team building.

Before discussing the consequences of a bad image, you can answer that: what position, role and goal did the recent team building plan have in your company's cultural flow? How does it contribute to your company's employer branding plan? If the answer is not clear, you should at least make sure that the team building event does not adversely affect the overall company.

In 2008, F.. corporation had to handle an image problem during the 20th anniversary event. When two characters of the corporation dance naked on stage. Three years later, on the occasion of another technology company's 17th anniversary… they also had a "cultural accident" when the clip showed three couples taking off their clothes on stage.

You think that's fun? You think it's creative? You think it's your company's own stage, do whatever you want? But the media doesn't think so, your company's future candidates don't think so, your customers, partners don't think so, company shareholders don't think so.

In the process of organizing team building for many years, we have only seen one Japanese company/bank – our customer has the following clause in the contract: Party B must not provide or distribute any image, video about Party A in the event to a 3rd party in any form. Yes, the Japanese have small things, but we are worth learning.

I do not mean to "curse", want to lash out at those boring, offensive tricks. I just want to contribute that team building is part of your corporate culture. As an approver of team building services, as a human resources director… you should think further, more deeply and ask for more: "happy must have a culture".