Team building ideas Amazing Race on the road with Outing App

This is the first post about the idea of ​​setting up a team building amazing race scenario on the Outing App. Next is a series of articles to share other scripting ideas, invite you to be interested in reading.

Use the Outing app as a navigational tool and deliver game content on long trails. Specifically, the team will travel by tourist car. It can be each team/vehicle (if the group has funds) or many large teams/cars.

At the starting station, the organizers perform activities, warm up, divide teams and guide players to log in to the Outing App. Then, the teams play on the car to start according to the journey. The application should be installed in the "Open all" state so that the player can zoom the map and visualize the race track. When arriving at the game station, the app will distribute (ping the game) to the team.


You should install 2 content types:

From here, take a look at the journey of 2 types of content playing on the car and at the station interwoven to help players not get bored. On the other hand, it saves the production cost of the program, which is quite large. With my experience, the 80km - 100km route I divided into 1 ground station, 4 stations on the car and plus the starting station, the last destination station = a total of 7 stations is fine.

What are the benefits of using this type of script?

This is the first post in a series of sharing ideas on setting up scripts that work on the Outing application. Thank you for following and supporting Outing! See you in the next posts.