Indoor game ideas

1.Guess the name of the dish.

This food guessing game is a game about testing the taste memory of the staff. The biggest advantage of the game is to show the harmony and understanding among employees in the same team. The cost of organizing the game is quite low, usually without spending, mainly using the available food in the company that people have.

But this game does not have the participation of the masses, if the organization is a large company. This game can only be played with groups of 5-10 people. Another rather limited problem of the game is that it is only suitable for young employees, for older employees who will find it boring and do not want to participate.

Props: dishes, fruits, cakes, etc.

Number of members: 5-10 people/team.

Mission: All members are divided into 2 or more teams, each team will send one member to taste all the prepared dishes on the table. Then, players will use taste words to describe the dishes they have tasted.

The remaining members are not allowed to taste the dishes, must rely on the suggestions of their teammates to guess the name of the dish. In turn, the team that guesses the names of the dishes the fastest is the winner.

2.Talented painter game.

This is also an indoor game for teams. This game is good entertainment because it shows the creativity of the team playing, through the team drawing. The game is very simple, easy to organize, easy to play and does not cost any money due to the use of pen and paper in the company.

However, this game is not suitable for large companies with many employees, if possible, it will only be held in a small department. Because, this game only needs the participation of 5-7 people, if too many other players cannot join. Another difficulty is that it is also not suitable for companies with many older employees.

Tools: Photo frame (if any), white paper, brush, ..

Number of players: About 5-7 people/team.

Game rules: The organizers set a theme, team members think and make photos according to the following criteria: correct topic, creativity, aesthetics and punctuality.

3.Word matching game.

The word match game is the most popular game used to play indoors, in narrow spaces. A special thing of the game shows the quickness of the player, which helps to entertain and relax the mind quite effectively. The game has the advantage that no physical activity is required, so it does not require a large space. The administrator is also easy to organize, most members of the company can participate regardless of age or age. 

The word match game also has a weak point that it cannot be held for a long time. The longer the time, the thinner the game. The game administrator can't keep the original exciting atmosphere, the game will get boring.

Quantity: From 4 people or more.

How to Play: The first player will say a two-word word, the second player must be able to say a word that begins with the first person's ending word. Continue to speak in a circle, anyone who can't speak or says words that don't make sense will be eliminated.

4.The game of integration - dissolving.

The game of integration - dissolving is a highly collective game, helping all members of the company have moments of relaxation. The game brings to the collective is to bring people together, to dissolve the distance, to create a sociable environment. This game can organize a large number of all employees in the company regardless of anyone.

This game also has a small drawback is about the game space. The game needs space, the large hall is not entangled with tables and chairs.

Number of players: About 20 people or more.

Tools: speakers.

Game rules: Members hold hands in a circle, when ordered by the administrator, the members will move in a circle. Then, the moderator will read any number from 1 to 8, the members will arrange in a circle, according to the number just read. Those who do not form the group will be eliminated, continue until the members are exhausted and a winner is found.

5.Team listening game.

This game is one of the most popular or selected team games. The game helps company members understand each other better, creating a joyful atmosphere, good solidarity.However, this game has many limitations such as not many playing props. Since props to play this game are quite expensive, it is not enough to take advantage of player items. Moreover, organizing many members to play will cause dilution, loss of exciting atmosphere.

Props: Headphones and music player

Number of members: 2-3 teams. Each team 5-7 players.

How to play: The leader divides the team reasonably, ensuring there are more than 5 members/team. The way members stand in line form a vertical line and back to back. Each person wears headphones and plays the music at the loudest level. The person at the front of the line will hear a statement from the referee, then have 10 seconds to pass it on to the person behind. The last person is the one to give the answer, if it matches the words of the administrator, that team will win.

6.Relay drawing game.

The relay drawing game is a game that is always used to help increase the ability to unite and understand each other in the team. This game is always responded to by members of the company. Because the game does not require many activities, or classification of players. Game entertainment lies in the rich imagination and potential talent of the player. The game will have a lot of funny pictures, the answers with keywords from the players create laughter.

This is a highly viable game, but it also has its downsides, including the play space. If the number of participants is large, it is necessary to have a large space such as a conference room, but it is not possible to play at the office.

Props: Team members will receive a pen and a whiteboard.

How to play: Team members will line up and turn in the same direction. The first person in the row will receive the suggested keyword, then draw the hint for the next members, in turn, the last person will say the message that the first person conveyed, according to the answer key. of the program. In the allotted time, the team that gives the most correct answers is the winner.

7.Secret crossword.

This is a familiar team building game for all ages. Challenge the player's agility and accuracy. 

How to play: Each team has at least 5 members, receive a crossword from the organizer, the whole team answers the questions to decode the main keyword in that crossword. Keywords can be the message of the program. The team with the fastest answers will have the highest score.

8.Building towers.

It sounds tough, but this game just needs a strong nail.

How to play: Each team receives from the organizers 1 stick and sponge (clay). Teams must arrange chopsticks so that they form a standing tower. Which tower is taller, more stable, more beautiful is the winner.

9.Bring eggs to the nest.

This game needs ingenuity and coordination between teammates.

How to play: Teams play using a wheel (or wooden board) tied with ropes prepared by the organizers. Place the ball on top and skillfully move the board with the ropes from the starting line to the finish line to put the eggs in the basket. The egg must not fall on the track. The number of points for each team will correspond to the number of eggs in that team's basket.

10.Super memory.

It's not too difficult if you focus on this teambuilding game.

How to play: Teams look at 1 picture from the organizer for 1 minute. After 1 minute, the teams play together to write down the details in the picture. The team with the most matching answers is the winner.