Cost of organizing team building

The issue of funding is always the most concerned issue of customers when they want to organize a team building program. So what does the cost of organizing team building include and is there a common price for team building programs? Let's take a look at the Outing app to see what the necessary expenses for a team building program include?

1.Service cost in team building.

What is the service cost??? These are fees related to the services your business uses in the team building program. It can be mentioned here as:

2.Expenses for team building activities

The concept of team building scenario is the decisive factor for the cost of team building that businesses spend. Team building costs are the costs to implement a complete team building program from the stage of scripting until the end of the team building activity. This cost will be allocated according to the quality of the scenario provided by the organization unit. Some of the costs of organizing team building can be listed as follows:

3. Staff costs  

An indispensable part of team building programs is the organizational personnel, including: MC, manager, support, staging team, logistics team....Team building personnel are also quite diverse in terms of quality and tasks. For basic team building programs, only MC and support are needed, but there are programs and staffs that can be up to 20 -100 people with each separate department and task. There are even programs that have to go to field surveys and set up 2-3 days in advance.                                                                   

Due to the diversity of team building programs, there is almost no common fixed cost for team building activities, but mainly team building companies will rely on information from customers. That builds an appropriate team building cost. Please contact us to feel an effective team building program and suitable for the "pocket" of your business.