Experience in organizing team building, exciting race to experience culture

In recent years, in addition to the types of mass teambuilding organizations, team building cultural experiences are designed in the form of a race between playing teams, bringing new experiences to participants. So where is the special point of this type of teambuilding experience?

1.Team Building Exciting race to experience local culture.

Teambuilding cultural experience The amazing race is built on the idea of ​​simulating the famous reality game show on television: The Amazing race - The Amazing Race. This is a unique type of Teambuilding that combines participating in games and learning about local culture. The challenges in the race are tied to the customs and culture of the destination. Players will receive coded messages to reach the challenge stations. At stations, the team needs to pass the challenge with the referee's confirmation in order to receive directions to the next station. The team that completes all the challenges to the finish line first wins.

2. A special feature of this cultural experience teambuilding organization is the interaction.

This form of cultural experience teambuilding organization is interaction

Teambuilding venues are usually associated with a specific place, with unique cultural features. The location can be a traditional craft village, a town, a neighborhood, or a tourist area, etc., in the country or abroad.

The next feature of this type of teambuilding organization is that the participating teams will directly experience the culture associated with the region such as: Making crafts, planting rice, cooking specialties or sewing costumes traditional…

It can be said that this is the type of teambuilding for businesses that is most closely associated with real life, helping members of a team to reveal their personality and promote their hidden abilities in the real-life environment through real life. through each program. Moreover, because it is associated with regional cultural factors, this is a type of teambuilding that always brings excitement and thrill to teambuilding players.

In a nutshell, Teambuilding The Amazing Race is a form of teambuilding that helps managers and leaders better understand the abilities and personalities of employees, thereby making appropriate personnel allocation decisions. its business.