Frequently asked questions

Common questions and scenarios encountered when using Outing Team for team building activities 

1.What is the minimum displayed distance?

The default minimum displayed distance set in the TGO administration web is 10 meters. You can set it to a minimum of 5 meters, although this might pose difficulties for the players. Additionally, different phone models/brands have varying GPS sensitivities. To ensure fairness for all devices/teams, it's recommended to set the minimum displayed distance to 15 meters.

2.Does the Outing Team app allow sending clips of any size?

The clip sending speed depends on factors such as the 3G/4G connection bandwidth of the players' devices, the file size of the clip (which is affected by screen resolution and clip duration), and the phone model's capabilities. To enhance smooth user experience and minimize issues/errors for the players, consider the following solutions:

3.How many devices can each team use to log in to the Outing Team app

With the 1.2.1 upgrade, each team can have a main team code (6 digits) for the primary device. Additionally, the app allows 5 member devices to log in using the main team code. If there are more than 5 devices, network slowdowns can occur, disadvantaging that team.

4.What should be the time limit for responding at game stations?

With the 1.2.1 upgrade, TGO permits setting a countdown timer for each game station (starting when the main device begins to 'ping the game'). When the timer reaches 00:00, the button to send results becomes disabled. Teams must resolve the game before the timer expires. Consider the game's complexity and use this feature to determine an appropriate time limit. A suggestion is to allocate an extra 5 - 7 minutes for stations requiring clip submission to ensure completion of the upload process.

5.How can I edit a program while it's running?

6.What if a team reaches a station and the 'ping game' isn't activating the GPS?

The referee can simply press the "CHẤM ĐIỂM SAU" (MARK POINT LATER) button, and the team will be assigned the game.

7.Other short questions: