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technology products for organizing team building events include Amazing race, Secret code games, Treasure Hunts, Online team building, Tour games, Educational exploration, and Classroom games...


Team building matters. 

Spanning across a journey with multiple pre-arranged stations, team building activities/games/challenges/information are set up by the organizers for teams to explore and collaborate in order to overcome. This organizing approach contains more appealing and diverse values compared to on-site team building (outdoor), but it incurs higher organizational costs due to the need to set up multiple people/tools at different stations 

Technological solution 

When organizers use the Outing App, they can significantly save on production and operational costs. Customers will also enjoy a more exciting team experience. 

Outing's core feature 

Outing App features GPS functionality, allowing users to move to the correct location, and the app will distribute instructional content or interactive activities for users to view, listen, play, and respond to. 

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You have full rights to create content and operate the program on the Outing app. The author has the right to use the free or paid version through the purchase of an activation code for the Outing program.

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Services from Outing app

Instruction Center

The e-learning page provides instructions on how to install and use the app and the content consulting wiki.

Creative author community

Forum of content creators, team building operators.

Content Library

Huge Team Building game library with many attractive scenarios.

#1 Vietnam Team Building Market

Now, Outing App is ready to serve the international market

Outing brings benefits to you

Team building company

Outing becomes an effective, novel and professional team building tool.

Tour operators

Outing is a professional tour operator and management tool.

School, education

Outing is a tool for organizing excursions, picnics, practical learning, and instructing students.


Have a handy, multilingual, electronic guide on your travel itinerary.

Price list

VAT is included in accordance with the provisions of the law


669.000đ/team code

Newly started using


Buy individual codes according to each program


BIZ 30

439.000đ/team code

Business packages 

sometimes use


Buy 30 code prepaid package

BIZ 100

379.000đ/team code

Business packages 

frequently used


Buy 100 code prepaid package

PRO 200

279.000đ/team code

Business/school packages frequently used


Buy 200 code prepaid package

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for teams participating in team building, exciting races, with referees to score