Outing Team

The most popular team building app in Vietnam

Team building Amazing race, the Amazing race.

Stretching on a journey with many station points pre-installed by the organizers with activity/game/challenge/information content for the team to explore, teamwork to overcome. This way of organizing contains more attractive and richer values than outdoor team building (on site), but it costs more to organize because it has to set up many people/props at different stations.

That problem is solved by smart technology application…

When the organizer (travel/event company) uses the Outing app, it will save a lot of production costs. Reduce personnel and station props by Outing app's GPS technology. From there, reduce other logistics costs.

The referee monitors and scores the team just sitting at the company office

Digitizing the team building program

Professionalize, semi-automated organizational processes. With the accuracy of digitizing the content on the app, so it does not depend on the skill of the station chief. Reduce all errors of forgetting password, wrong delivery, wrong score..

Adding value to customers

Organize team building 4.0 era with Outing app

Granted an App admin account to manually install the script and score the team

Permission to store information on applications and websites, write a script once but use it many times later.

Intellectual security, only you know your script

Get a one-time free trial code for a new scenario.

Activation code is reserved if a force majeure event causes CT to be postponed/cancelled.

Pay only the cost of the team activation code when the author sells the program.

Access the game library page with more than 200 games (upgrade regularly).